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There is going to be A LOT of photos this time. I have my camera set on continuous shoot, hence a lot of photos. I just could not pair them down anymore. Some of the photos are going to be a bit blurred, but they were just too cute to delete out. I went very low key this con, only two photo ops - Jensen and Robert Singer. Usually I do at least four photo ops, but the budget said other wise. I checked into the hotel on Thursday. I had upgraded my room to one with a balcony and a refrigerator. Having a frig, saves so much money.

I had dinner in the Red Bar. They have a great sushi menu!!! After dinner, I went down to get in line for registration. I was right behind Megan Mueller and her two freinds. This was my first and sadly last time I would talk with Megan. Megan unexpectedly passed away Saturday at the convention.

Once registration started, it went like clock work. The Creation staff and volunteers worked quickly and professional as always. The one thing that I was upset over was the change in the date for the Chicago 2016 Supernatural convention. Chicago has always been (at least for me) in October before Halloween. But they changed Chicago to September, the same weekend as the Star Trek Convention. AARRGGHH!!!! I'll have to make some decisions on how I can do both. I then did some shopping in the Vendor area; and then headed back to my room and got ready for Friday.


I went into the theater and found my seat. I met my seat mates, Jane, Missy, & Aimee. Jessica and Brandy came in a little later. All five of them were first timers. I love first timers. I love watching their reactions to everything. I also love helping them out by giving some tips on what is going to happen and how to get the best out of the weekend. I also found out that I was famous. A lot of people love my photo op with Mark Sheppard back in 2013, because he has a huge smile on his face. Mark is kind of known for not smiling, so my picture with him is well known.

Friday's lineup is Louden Swain opening the con, then Richard and Rob's introduction to the rules and Rich's love for all the Friday People. Guest lineup is Tyler Johnston, Osric Chau, Kim Rhodes / Briana Buckmaster and then Travis Aaron Wade, finishing off the night with Karaoke.

Guest Lineup and Karaoke

Here is a picture of me before karaoke and my favorite picture of the day.


Saturday is always the longest day with the most guests, so any time you can grab a bite to eat or a quick nap, you do so. Today's guest include: Ruth Connell, Osric & Kim, Mark Sheppard, Misha Collins, Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen and Rob Benedict.

The Saturday Night Concert was off the hook AWESOME, then Jensen showed up and he was the cherry on top!!! Louden Swain did a fabulous job as did all the guest stars.

Saturday's Panels and Concert Photos

Here couple of my favs.


Sunday is one of the happiest days with the excitement of the boys being there, but also the saddest day with it being the last day of the convention. The day starts out with the Gold Panel with Jared and Jensen. The morning panel is very informal and fun. Then we have like three hours of down time. During this time the solo and duo photos are being taken. It's a good time to take a final trip around the vendors rooms.

The regular panels start up around 2 o'clock with Rich and Rob welcoming the "Sunday People". Then Robert Singer is welcome to the stage. Robert is the Executive Producer/Director/Writer for Supernatural. He enlightened us with some stories and answered questions. After Robert, it was time for the regular 60 minute J2 panel. The boys are witty and pick on each other just like family; that is how close they are. They will pick on each other, but they don't let others pick on their brother.

After the boys, there is a long break for more photo ops, autographs and the final auction. Ruth Connell is the final guest of the day. She takes the stage and delights the crowd. Again she had us up and dancing for her. She even posted it online.

Then we do the waiting game of J and J autographs. In Minneapolis, Jensen was flying through people and Jared was the talker; today Jared is flying through people and Jensen is doing the talking. After I got through both lines, I went to pay for my jpegs and to say goodbye to Chris. By the time I got done paying for jpegs, Chris had left the room. I went to look for him, but he done disappeared. It was getting late, and it was time to go home. I had hugged and said goodbye to Brandy, Jane, Missy, Aimee and Jessica already.

To sum up the weekend, there were a lot of happy times and a couple sad times. If you are a SPN fan, you have to go to at least one convention, buy Gold or Silver, do the photo ops and autographs, stay at the convention hotel from Thursday through Monday, get to know as many people as you can (they are a great support group) and most of all leave reality at the door (it'll still be there on Monday), have a great time and live outside the box!!!

Sunday's Panels

Here is my photo with Jensen and my photo with Robert Singer.