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I attended my very first Supernatural convention and I had a great time. Adam and Gary of Creation Entertainment do a top notch job on these conventions. And they have some great people working for them, Chris (photographer extraordinaire), Valerie and Stephanie to name a few. If you ever go to one of their conventions, you will not be disappointed. I'm going to 3 of them next year; 2 in Chicago and 1 in Las Vegas. A little disclaimer about the photos you are going to see; there are a lot. I just could not narrow them down any furthur. You may notice that some of them may be a little bit blurry, but they were just too cute to leave out. Enjoy!

My adventure started on Thursday, when I checked into the Westin. I decided to stay at the hotel, since a lot of the events were going to run into the wee hours of the morning and then there were a couple early starts. Can I just say, how much I love the Westin!! I'm a little sad that they are moving to the Hyatt, but with growth comes change.

I unpacked everything and got my clothes hung up by day, that way I wouldn't have to think about what I was going to wear. (It saves me time.) A little tip, if you can get a mini refrigerator from the hotel, do it. I brought everything that I needed for breakfast, lunch and snacks; it frees up cash for Photo Ops and Autographs. I went over to Giordano's and had dinner. I took the leftover pizza and got a salad to go; this helped out for dinner on Friday. Check in was to start around 9:00pm for Gold. I met some interesting people in line. I was surprised that they did not separate the different ticket levels out to different lines, so no matter what level of ticket you had, you got to check in.

Anyhoo, I got checked in, I received my wristband and credentials; I exchanged some my PDF Photo Ops for hard tickets. Then I headed into the EVIL DEN called "The Vendors Room". I have a Love / Hate relationship with that room. I went in knowing how much cash I had to spend. I knew which items I was going to purchase from the Creation tables, that worked out well, plus I saw somethings I'll be getting next year. I loved the Jewelry table. He had everything I was looking for; I could have spent a fortune; but I did not. I will save up cash for next year. I like shopping the night before, then I can take it all upstairs and not have to carry it around; another reason to have a room at the hotel or you can take things out to your car. Then it was beddie bye time.


It is now Friday morning and I am raring to go. I find my seat and meet my row mates, Sandy and Betty. Adam Malin hits the stage to welcome all the Friday people. Friday people are some of the best people. Adam introduces Richard Speight Jr, who is our host for the weekend. Richard then came out and welcomed everyone and he awarded the 1st video winner of the weekend. I liked hers the best of all of them.

Friday's line up is Osric Chau, Julie McNiven and Samantha Smith. Richard would be walking around in the audience to help keep the questions flowing and the energy up. Osric came in with a very colorful jacket that a friend of his made for him. She was in the row in front of me. Osric and Richard also awarded the 2nd video award of the weekend.

Julie came on stage eating a cookie and Richard teased her about it, because she is all about healthy eating and there she is with a cookie.

Samantha hit the stage with a smoking outfit on; it was a "standing" dress. The guys were loving it. She told the story of how she helped apprehend a person, who was going around and trying to open people's car doors; while they were stopped in traffic. She is one brave lady.

Okay, are you ready for Karaoke!!! We had, vampires, zombies, a gorilla, a gangster, Chef Gordon Ramsey, Osric in a onesie, Adam as a pirate, angels and demons. I was a Contessa McLain of the Underworld. I ended the night at about 12:30am.
Click here for Karaoke photos


Saturday is Angel and Demon Day!! Today's line up is Richard Speight Jr, Matt Cohen, Sebastian Roche, Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins. The morning started out with me not being able to get my Supernatural bracelet on. So, as I headed out of my room, I was going to ask the first person I saw to help me out. I was half hoping it be a cute guy, and it was! The first person I saw (on my floor) was Osric Chau! I asked and he helped me put on my bracelet. He was waiting on Samantha and Julie. We all ended up riding the elevator down to the lobby. I also had 3 photo ops on this day!

First up, Richard Speight Jr and Matt Cohen; these two work really well together and they know how to keep the attendees engaged. With Richard and Matt, we not only learned about the "Trust Triangle"; we learned all about "Sebastian Alley". "Sebastian Alley" can be a dangerous place to go down. Just saying!! ;)   Matt had an unfortunate mishap with the young lady who was dressed as a gorilla, during a photo op on Friday night. He brought her up on stage to apologize.

What can I say about Sebastian Roche? He does not disappoint. Everyone kept saying how R rated his panel usually is. I found it to be quite tame. He does get distracted by shiny objects and forgets to answer questions being asked. Here is Richard introducing Sebastian, aka Humpazar.

Can I just say...Mark Pellegrino and Mark Sheppard!!! Lucifer and the King of Hell, two of the best baddies on the show. The highlight of my Saturday, seeing these two and getting a photo op with each of them. Mark Sheppard even walked the audience and gave everyone a close up look at him. Mark Pellegrino made friends with one of the attendees, by petting him.

After a short break, they began the Costume Contest. There were so many Castiel's; that they did a separate judging just for them. And guess who the guest judge was...the one and only Misha Collins. There was also a surprise guest dressed as Castiel. Lo and behold Osric changed his flight and extended his hotel stay, so he could attend the convention. He got a wristband, got in a few photo ops and also stood in line for autographs. He wanted to experience the convention not only has a guest, but also an attendee.

The autograph session for the evening was handled with expertise by the one and only Ms. Valerie. She had five autograph lines running all at the same time. She did such a great job calling rows to each of the lines and making sure everyone got the autographs that they needed. Kudos to her.

The Saturday Night Cocktail Party which started around 11:30pm (much past my bedtime), was great. I met four new friends, Madeline, Melody, Nicki and Kate. We all waited in line together and then sat at the same table. It was (all of our's) first convention, and then to find out that Mel, Nicki and Kate also had seats in my row. Since there were only 5 of us at our table, we each sat in every other seat; that way, when the Celebrity Speed Chatting started; the celeb could choose where they wanted to sit. There were 5 celebs Misha, Mark P, Osric, Matt and Sebastian and there were 5 of us. So, I thought each girl could pick one of the guys and ask them a question. They were all like "No", so I asked if they wanted me to ask the questions, they nodded their heads "Yes".

Ok then, I'm going to be the mouth piece. No surprise there. Mel wanted a hug from Misha and Kate wanted a hug from Mark P, ok I'll get them their hugs. The celebs go around and spend about 90 seconds at each table. Matt gives everyone a hug, instead of answering questions...that's fine with us ladies. Let me see if I can get the order of the guys as they came to our table; I believe Osric was first (ever so adorable), Mark P, Matt, Sebastian and last Misha. Who sat down next to me: Osric, Mark P and Sebastian. Mel said that she might cry if Misha hugged her, so we told that to Misha and he hugged her and then we all, including Misha said Cry..Cry..Cry. Mel was brave and she did not cry. At about 1:10am, Madeline and I were done. The girls stayed down for a while longer and they got to talk with Osric for about 30 minutes, I found out the next day. I did take pictures when they walked in the room and as they were doing the Centerpiece Contest, after that I put the camera away. Yes, for some of the ladies, there is a butt shot of Matt, Misha and Mark P.


WooHoo, It's Jensen and Jared Day!!! Today were ae starting the morning with a beautiful sunrise over Chicago. What a great way to start the day. Todays line up includes Alaina Huffman, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Nicki Aycox.

Today is biggest reason that I went with the Gold ticket; the breakfast panel with Jensen and Jared. I've seen the videos of past breakfast panels and they really inspired me to go Gold. My row mates Betty and Sandy are at my table this morning. The guys were great and answered a lot of questions. The lighting wasn't really great, so I had to enhance and tweek the colors a bit.

After breakfast, I had three photo ops with the boys. I had to do the "huggie" photo with the both of them. Jared gives great hugs. I brought in (right off my car) my actual license plate "ACKLES 3". Jensen and Cliff were a little impressed (I think) that it was a real license plate.

Chicago is Alaina Huffman's very first Supernatural Convention. She was filling in, due to the fact that Gabriel Tigerman had to cancel his appearance. She is very beautiful and I love the color of her hair. I talked to her while she was autographing my artwork, and I come to find out that her natural hair color is the same as mine.

It's time for the boys!! The ballroom is packed. They announce the boys and the crowd goes nuts. Jensen Ackles comes out first and the flashbulbs start popping, then Jared Padalecki comes out and the craziness continues. They get the crowd calmed down and they say a few things and then they started taking questions. One of the great questions was about how Sebastian Roche auditioned for the role of Lucifer, and how would Jared have protrayed Lucifer if Sebastian had gotten the role? The four photos (7091 thru 7102) are Jared doing the portrayal of Sebastian. At the end of thier panel Richard and Adam gave out the very first "Best Fan" award, to Osric Chau.
Click here for Jensen and Jared photos

I always feel bad for the artist that has to follow Jared and Jensen. Quite a few people had to leave due to flights, but there were still a lot of people that stuck around for Nicki Aycox. Nicki gave a great panel and there were quite a few people with questions. I like finding out what projects an artist is currently working on and what they are passionate about. Nicki has quite a few layers to her; I like that.